Leather Tooling

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney

In this leathercraft tutorial I am in the process of beveling around the oak leaf and acorn design with a B802 and B803 leather tool made by the Craftool Company. The leather I am tooling is tanned by the Hermann Oak Leather Company and it is called saddle skirting. The weight of the leather is 13 to 15 oz. and is a natural russet color.  The maul I am using is made by Maul Master and they make two different weights for beveling leather I like to use the lighter maul and for the heavier leather stamping I use the heavier of the two mauls. The piece I am tooling is a seat jockey for a custom roping saddle that I am making. To give you an idea of how much time it takes to tool and carve a piece of leather this size I spent about twenty hours from the time I drew the design onto the leather and cut the design in with my swivel knife and beveled and back grounded the tooling.

Leather Tooling Leather Tooling

Leather Tooling Leathercraft Tutorial by Bruce Cheaney

Tooling and Carving Leather

The leather design in this tutorial was drawn onto the cased leather then cut in with a swivel knife. The next step is to bevel around all the carved design to help raise the tooling up and give it some dept. The next step after the beveling is to vein and bruise the stems and leaves to bring out some extra detail in the design. Right before I do the background work with a matte finish tool I put all the decorative cut mark on the tooling because the leather is just right for this step as far as moisture.

Leather tooling is fun and rewarding plus a way to express yourself through the skill that you can develop.

I have been involved with leather working all of my life and I still find it fun and rewarding when I create a piece of leather work that I know will last many years. Bruce

Thank you for taking you time to read this leathercraft tutorial and watch the video.

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