Knife Sheath Making How to Make Leather Knife Sheaths

Knife Sheath Making How to make Leather Pocket Knife Sheaths for Folding Knives.

Article and Videos by Bruce Cheaney

In this knife sheath making clip I show you how I hand cut my sheaths out with a leather knife and a curved blade. I also show you a picture of the tools I use to make my knife sheaths. You can get started making your own knife sheaths with just a few good leather tools made by C. S. Osborne as well as leather from Tandy Leather Factory or other leather suppliers which I will name later in this blog post.

Knife Sheath Making How to make Leather Pocket Knife Sheaths for Folding Knives. Part 2

Knife Sheath Making

Knife Sheath Making

I am putting together a few short video tutorials on knife sheath making so you can digest how to make your own knife sheaths that you will be proud of and will last a long time.

Knife Sheath Making How to make Leather Pocket Knife Sheaths for Folding Knives. Part 3

This Knife Sheath making Tutorial Shows you how to edge your knife sheath. You will also learn How to put a basket stamp design on your pocket knife sheath with the help of this leathercraft video.

Knife Sheath Making Leather Pocket Knife Sheaths for Folding Knives. Part 4 Carving Leather

This knife sheath making tutorial kind of turned into a tooling and carving leather seminar but that is alright with me because I really want you to be able to make the best looking and most useable pocket knife sheath possible. With a piece of paper an eraser and a straight edge plus a Berol RAPIDESIGN template you should be able to draw a unique design to carve into your handmade knife sheath.

Knife Sheath Making and Pencil Drawing Tutorial. Part 5

This is a pencil drawing tutorial for beginners as well as for anyone seeking ideas for designs for their handmade knife sheaths for pocket knives and hunting knives. The first pencil drawing is a flower and leaf pattern. The second pencil drawing is a acorn and oak leaf pattern and the third pattern is a scroll pattern. The final pattern is two hand drawn initials just to give you some ideas of what is possible. Leather working is fairly easy to get started with because you can hand select a few leathercraft tools and a side or back of vegetable tanned leather and your set to start making handmade hunting knife and pocket knife sheaths.


I have a large library of leather patterns that I have designed over the years and it is good to go back and take a look at them to get even more Ideas for current projects I am working on. You can do the same by starting your own reference library of patterns and designs and build off of ideas of your own. Have fun with your knife sheath making and tooling and carving leather designs on your knife sheaths.

Knife Sheath Making. Part 6 How to Tool Leather Designs for Your Handmade Knife Sheaths

This knife sheath making and leathercraft tutorial shows you how to bevel your leather design and then do the background work to bring out the detail in your tooled and carved leather designs.

With just a few hand picked Craftools and a Leathercraft maul such as a Maul Master you can create some very good and unique designs for your handmade knife sheaths.

Knife Sheath Making. Part 7 Leathercraft tutorial sewing and stitching handmade pocket knife Sheaths. I like and use C. S. Osborne saddlers awls and hand sewing needles. The thread I use is a polished and braided polyester I really like this thread because the stitches pull down easy and look good. The leather tools used for knife sheath making are readily available and can be purchased online or through catalog houses like Tandy Leather Factory and Weaver Leather.

Knife Sheath Making Part 1

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