Leathercraft Supplies for Leather Working

Tandy Leather Factory Unboxing Leathercraft Supplies with Leather crafter Bruce Cheaney. It is fun to unbox leather supplies and tools even though I have done this many times before I still get excited when I get in a new leather stamping tool or a special concho for a custom leather project I have a order for.

Today I got in a box from Tandy Leather Factory with a Craftool leather tool and some horseshoe conchos and buffalo head conchos plus some Masters cement for some leathercraft projects I am working on.

Leathercraft Supplies

Leathercraft Supplies

In the box was also two Victoria Buckle Sets for some youth leather western belts that I have on order and these buckle sets will really compliment what I am making for these youngsters.

The Craftool leather stamping tool I got is number 294-04 and is maker marked CRAFTOOL [E294-04].

I have been using Masters all purpose quick drying leather cement for many years and I got a gallon of that in this shipment as well. The part stock on the invoice is 42325-003. Use extreme caution and ventilation when you use this product.

I am so glad there are leather suppliers like Tandy Leather Factory where I can get most all of my Leathercraft Supplies in one place.

To order supplies and find out more about Tandy Leather Factory check out their website at Tandy Leather

Thank you for taking your time to watch Tandy Leather Factory Unboxing Leather craft Supplies with Leathercrafter Bruce Cheaney.

Leathercraft Supplies

Craftool leather stamps and stamping tools, Masters all purpose leather cement and belt buckle sets are just a few of the leathercraft supplies I get from Tandy Leather.

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