Leather Sewing Machine

It is nice and handy to have a leather sewing machine that sews both thick and thin leather without even having to adjust the tension of the thread on the top or the bottom of the machine.  The leather machine I am talking about is the Cowboy Model CB-4500 Heavy Duty Harness Stitcher from Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines.  Some of the features of this machine include a 16 1/2″ arm so you can sew things that are wide like saddle skirts and fenders that you have to turn around and maneuver so you can sew back the other direction.

The pressure foot will raise to 1 1/16″ and will sew 3/4″ thickness leather with ease and this is great for heavy duty applications like sewing thick saddle skirts with wool skin.  Stitch length can be adjusted from 3 stitches to 22 stitches per inch and can be fine tuned to suit your needs.  Other features are a triple feed mechanism and reverse that perfectly matches the holes in forward and reverse.

The power from this leather sewing machine is provided by a DC servo motor that is fully adjustable so you can sew at a fast speed for sewing strap goods like belts and guitar strap and so forth.

I ordered my machine over the phone and received it in about a week and once I took it out of the box and did some assembly I had it up and running within a couple hours.  I can tell you this is  nice machine that is very dependable and can handle a lot of different task for a leather craft as well as a saddle maker.

I use white Polyester thread number 346 with either 230 needle or a number 200 it depends on the thickness of the leather as well as the softness if it something single ply like a belt I use a 200 needle and if it is thick like saddle skirts I use a 230 needle.

Sewing Machine Review by Bruce Cheaney, Gainesville Texas.

Leather Sewing Machine

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