leather wallet making tutorial

Leather wallet making tutorial

Leather Wallet Making

Leather supply review patterns for making handmade leather wallets

Leather and patterns for making your own leather wallets. First of all I start by designing my own wallet patterns using heavy poster board, pencil, rule, small square and Berol circle template. The next step is to select leather for making my wallets and I go to Tandy Leather for my vegetable tanned leather selection most of the time I place my order over the phone which works really well for me. The leathers reviewed in this video are Oak-Leaf double shoulders numbers 9048-12 run 4 to 5 ounce and number 9050-12 runs 6 to 7 ounce in weight both of these double shoulders. Next the side of vegetable tanned leather you see in the video that was on the bottom is Oak-Leaf side number 9157-56 (6-7 ounce) which is another very good choice for a slightly heavier wallet.

Sewing handmade leather wallet on a leather sewing machine

You can easily sew you leather wallet by hand using needle and thread and this will really look good as well as custom made. This video shows how I sew a leather wallet on a heavy duty harness stitcher sewing machine. The sewing machine thread I am using is white polyester size 346 and the needle in the machine is made by Schmetz made in Germany and is is size 200. If you would like to use a smaller size thread you might consider size 207 and a size 180 Schmetz needle. The Cowboy CB4500 has a Servo motor which enables you to sew at the speed that is comfortable for you.

Trimming the leather wallet with a Craftsman trim knife

Now I continue to make my handmade wallet by trimming the excess off of the bottom side. I am using a craftsman trimming knife and there are several places you can purchase a leather knife like this and I will list the contact information down below. A leather knife like this is very handy for leathercraft and leather working some of the features are the brass blade keeper and a walnut handle and you can easily change the blades. I find that the curved blades have more cutting power and more effective than the straight blades. When you are trimming the excess off hold you blade as straight as you can so the piece will not be angled or undercut.

leather wallet making tutorial
Leather Wallet Making Tutorial

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